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No one likes to think about having an accident. But they can happen to even the most careful of drivers. Lots of people go through life without experiencing a collision of any sort. But if you do have an accident or issue, the Toyota Authorized Repairer Network is here to get you back on the road.

Complete beginning to end repair service

Complete beginning to end accident repair service that restores your car to its pre-accident condition. Whatever the issue you have the Toyota Authorised Repairer network to call on.

Simple and easy to use

One call to your local Toyota Authorised Repairer is all it takes to begin the repair process. A knowledgeable person will be assigned as your contact to manage the entire repair process, and even liaise with insurance companies if appropriate.

Toyota quality

Every aspect of the repair will be completed to Toyota's exceptional quality standards. This means your car will be returned to you as strong and safe as it was before the accident.

A charter for service and expertise

Toyota's accident repair charter commits to support you with exceptional standards of personal service and technical expertise. You can trust your local Toyota Authorised Repairer to make the damage go away.

Keeping you informed

The Toyota accident repair charter includes a promise to keep you informed and agree on a fixed date and time for the return of your car. We also tell you straight away unforeseen work is required or if repairs will take longer.

Attention to detail

Toyota Authorised Repairers are well known for being meticulous. They keep windows closed to stop dust getting into your car, protect the seats and floors with covers and never leave dirty marks on the paintwork. Detail matters.

Smoothly efficient

The one thing Toyota can't do is turn back time and stop an accident occurring. However, if the worst should happen, you can trust your local Toyota Authorised Repairer to support you with a smoothly efficient service that promises to restore your car to its pre-accident condition.